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Bone Grafting Screws

Bone Grafting Screws

Bone graft screws help the fractured bones in place at the shortest distance from each other and speed their recovery after bone graft surgery.

A bone graft is a type of surgery you will need to do when there is a fractured or damaged bone. This surgery can perform in every part of the body from jaw to foot. But What makes bone graft healing possible? Of course, it is impossible without something to stick with bones, and Bone graft screws are made for this purpose. In this article, you will find out more about different types of bone graft screws.

  What Are Bone Graft Screws?

  Screws are metal implants inserted into bones to immobilize broken bone fragments for healing, but they can also be used as an adjunct for spinal fusion surgery to assist implants to stay in place.

There are different lengths of bone graft screws that surgeons can use depending on the situation and need. Choosing a long screw for the wrong place can cause many damages, and the protruding end might damage the extensor tendon.

Tenting Screws For Bone Grafting

Different types of bone graft screws can use for various purposes. Tenting screws for bone grafting have multiple lengths. Depending on their use, bone graft screws have different diameters and lengths, sometimes from 0.8 to 19 mm. 5mm tent screws will be used for support of the soft tissue overlying the tent screw. This scaffold is important for creating an appropriate space for the graft to be placed.

As we mentioned, Bone graft screws have different types. Tenting screws have a lot of benefits. It is possible to achieve more than 12 mm of bone height with this technique. The main advantages of this technique include:

  • storing blood inside the bone
  • Reducing infection risk
  • Promoting bone resorption quantitatively
  • Increasing soft tissue strength

After the surgery, your injured limb will probably be put in a cast. Your doctor can tell the expected time to recover, but it is most likely to last for six to eight weeks to heal your fractures fully.

Tenting Screw Technique

The tenting screw technique (TST) is an alternative to several other methods and it is equally effective in promoting new bone formation. These methods include:

  • Guided bone regeneration (GBR)
  • Titanium-reinforced membrane, a titanium mesh
  • High-density polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
  • membrane, or block auto/allogenous grafts

This technique has a lot of profits. Time efficiency, cost-effectivity with less patient morbidity are some of the main benefits of tenting screw technique. A resorbable barrier membrane is used in TST to provide and maintain space, using which the blood clot can be stabilized during healing.

Dental Bone Graft Screws

It is interesting to know that the science of dental implants is a science that was discovered by chance after seeing a piece of titanium in a bone that had grown around the bone without causing any problems. The diameter and length of the screw graft are two important characteristics. To choose the type of dental bone graft screws, the dentist must determine what type of implant is suitable for the patient based on the following:

  • Implant function during implantation and then in the patient's mouth
  • Adaptation to each patient's physical condition (bone volume, height, and diameter, implant location)
  • Durability and longevity of the implant due to its location and efficiency
  • Biomechanical properties such as the load applied to the implant, the pressure or stress it must withstand, and the distribution of force on the contact surface

Incorrect size choice for a dental bone graft can cause some Complications. Problems with chewing, burning gums, gingival resorption, severe pain and discomfort, bad breath are only some of the issues because of this wrong choice.

Screws Bone Graft Suppliers

There are many distributors for this product that can be easily found with a short search on google. One of these Bone graft suppliers is Monib Company, which can help you by offering this product with a wide variety. These screws are usually sold in the form of kits that contain different types of bone graft screws. However, You can see the kinds of bone grafts on bone graft products.


Bone graft Screws are an undeniable and important component in repairing damaged bones or other items, without which bone removal is almost impossible. These screws are generally made of titanium or stainless steel, most compatible with the human body. Bone graft screws are produced in different dimensions and diameters, each of which has different uses, and using the wrong size may lead to different side effects. Monib Health Company is also a supplier of these products, and you can see their types by visiting the products.

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