Keep Your Spine Surgery Recovery Healthy
A wide range of diseases include, but not limited to, trauma, cancer, infection, deformity correction and degenerative disease are treated by using spinal implants.
About Us

Every year millions of people around the world suffer irreparable harm from lack of access to appropriate medical products and equipment while the product that is supposed to save those patients are being produced and ready to be shipped elsewhere in the world.

Monib was founded to support patients and bring smiles back to their faces, to provide the opportunity to use quality products for all groups and classes of people around the world.

To this end, we have brought medical device suppliers and health professionals together and reached out to reputable manufacturers according to the strictest standards. Now we are proud to have a cohesive and specialized network that brings satisfied smiles to patients and their families.

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Our Differences
Sales Support
Constant Customer Support
Concentration on solutions not on sales
After Sales
Focus on world-class sales service
Customer Satisfaction
Consultative interactions with the clients
Our Work Process

We are an expert sales organization for connecting manufacturers to consumers. We organize global sales of Iran-Made high-quality products. The manufacturers are precisely chosen to fulfill our international commitments. On the other hand, we provide appropriate options for our customers to find the right solutions to their healthcare needs. Imen Ijaz Co. is our selected manufacturer of orthopedic implants and surgical instruments.

Quality Policy
A primarily customer-centric culture
A sales team that meets expectations in providing insights and perspective
Products made by advanced high precision types of machinery
Continuously improvement attitude to meet customer satisfaction in compliance with international standards
Customers` Testimonials
“I surely recommend to the hospital to place orders for procurement the products made by Imen Ijaz Co.”

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Djavadi Haghighi
Maxillofacial Surgeon
Milad Hospital, Tehran, Iran
“I am fully satisfied with the Imen Ijaz plates and screws.”

Dr. Ruhollah Sobhani
Plastic Surgeon
Sadjad Hospital, Shahriyar, Iran
“I have been already using the products of Imen Ijaz Co. in my neurosurgery and approve the quality.”

Dr. Mohammad Taghi Ma`roof
Shariati Hospital, Tehran, Iran
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