Arab Health 2021

Arab Health is a popular annual Middle East health conference and trade show. Monib is also one of the participants in this event to meet new partners to sell their products.

FDA Rejecting the Pfizer's Tanezumab for The Pain of the Osteoarthritis Right Over Its Risk-Benefits

The patients have multiple other options that can be equal to inefficiency, and a new drug that contains risks must hold better efficiency.

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Medical robotics and how is it going to help in future surgeries

Weekly News on Orthopedic Surgeries - Week 7

Today we talk about the most recent studies and technologies of orthopedics.

The Newest Events of the Week about Orthopedic Field - Week 6

The recent events in the orthopedic field and knee surgeries are the subjects we discuss in this article.

This Week's Top Stories About Orthopedics - Week 5

In this week's news, we talk about bones, robotic technologies, and artificial intelligence which helps surgeons cure knee arthritis.

This Week's Top Stories About Orthopedics - Week 4

This week's news talks about the new meetings, new FDA clearance, new research about bone health, and new bone replicas technologies.

This Week's Top Stories About Orthopedics - Week 3

In the first week of February 2021, the new technologies help people and doctors make life better.

This Week's Top Stories About Orthopedics - Week 2

The most important news of the previous week including a new era of spine surgery with endoscopically assisted minimally invasive surgery, new sacroiliac joint fixation, new coating technology of implants, and new material for cervical plates.

This Week's Top Stories About Orthopedics

Today is 25th January, and here are the top stories and news related to the world's orthopedics.

The largest trade in medical products in the world

The annual compound growth rate for medical equipment is estimated at 6.3%. In a medical market worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it creates a good opportunity for competition between manufacturers in the medical industry.

Monib New Products: NanoSilver Disinfectants

Monib's new products are non-alcoholic disinfectants based on silver nanomaterials. Silver nanoparticles have antibacterial and antiviral properties. On the other hand, non-flammability and non-sensitivity are the two advantages of nano-silver over alcohol.

EXPOMED Eurasia Is Rescheduled

Due to the Coronavirus crisis across the world (including Turkey) and as the health and safety of our members and visitors are of utmost importance, the exhibition has been rescheduled from March 19-21 to June 11-13,2020.

Expomed 2020 Cancelled Due to Corona

Monib-Health Attendance Cancelation in Expomed Eurasia 2020 Due to the Outbreak of Corona Virus

The biggest exhibition, Expomed 2020

Istanbul exhibition of laboratory and medical equipment (Expomed Eurasia), as the biggest exhibition of Turkey and Eurasia, is the annual introducer of the latest technologies, machinery and discoveries in medical science