According to many foreign professionals in the field of orthopedic treatments, Iran has a high level of knowledge," said member of the Iranian Orthopedic Association. He added then that Iran is a first orthopedic country in the Middle East and enjoys a high position in the world.

According to what has member of the Iranian Orthopedic Association said, many foreign professionals believe that Iran has a high level of knowledge in the field of orthopedic treatments. In fact, Iran is a first orthopedic country in the Middle East and enjoys a high position in the world.

Medical equipment industry has many problems due to currency fluctuations and liquidity. There are producers who, in spite of the government 's macro - liability, refuse play with the public health. Thanks to the knowledge of Iranian specialists and engineers, Iran has gained a very good position in the manufacturing industry of orthopedic implants. According to Iranian experts and producers, Iran is among the most important countries in the world in the production of orthopedic implants. Iranian experts could grasp the domestic market of orthopedic implants and German and American products have been removed in competition with Iranian orthopedic products. 


Iran ranks 16th in world, 1st in region in medical science production:

According to Shahin Akhoundzadeh, the international scientific cooperation of Iran has increased in publishing articles in 2018. In 2016, 2017 and 2018 there was a 19.95 percent, 22.19 percent and 24.6 percent share in international cooperation of publishing articles. He said that in this area, Iran has a global ranking of 22. Moreover, Iran was ranked 16th in the world and the first in the Middle East in 2018, with 42,636 references that year. The officer further stated that in 2018 Iran ranked 16th in the world by publishing 60,268 articles. 


Iran ranks among the top 10 countries in orthopedics:

Iran ranks among the top 10 orthopedic countries according to what Dr. Gholamali Akasheh, president of the Association of Iranian Orthopedic Surgeons, said. Iranian surgeons conduct high-quality orthopedic surgeries more affordable than other countries. There are a number of patients coming to Iran for orthopedic surgery from different countries such as Azerbaijan, Iraq and Afghanistan. It is important to know that Iran's most popular orthopedic services concern knee surgery and treatment for bone fractures. The ranking of Iran is quite high in terms of medical knowledge and experience. It is surprising to know that we equal to the USA, the United Kingdom and France, Japan and Germany. Moreover, the Iranian Orthopedic Surgeon Association was founded in 1973 and is one of the oldest organizations in the country.

Iran has differentiated itself from other neighboring countries in terms of health via advanced hospitals and equipment. The health department of Iran has a strong background in academics and is well known internationally. Iranian doctors also have a high quality of care for and are highly qualified in the treatment of diseases and operations such as cosmetics, skin and beauty services, infertility and gynecology, dentistry, neurology, cardiology and ophthalmology. In rhinoplasty process as well as plastic and cosmetic surgery, Iran ranked fourth. The Iranian dentistry sector was also number 14th and 12th in scientific output, which was very good for that sub-category, in the years ended 2016 and 2017. Among the 200 countries of the world, Iranian neurologists were ranked 27th, which is a good position. In infertility care and gynecology, Iran has also achieved 4th position worldwide.


Iran 's Top Position in the Production of Orthopedic Implants:

The managing director of the company, the orthopedic implant manufacturer, continued: the screws used in orthopedic implants are of high technology and now the nuts we produce in Iran are the most quality orthopedic screws in the world and can compete with European samples in terms of quality and are now being used in many European clinics. He added that our product in Iran competed with American and German samples and fortunately we could earn a good market inside the country.


Saving 2 trillion dollars by producing Iranian Orthopedic Implants:

With the production of orthopedic implants, about 2 trillion dollars have been saved. “Fortunately, with the coordination of National Medical Device Directorate in the treatment of this issue in an objective way, positive steps have been taken,” said CEO of the orthopedic company," referring to the issue of using Iranian medical equipment in medical centers.

Government supports exporters:

He went on to say: " in addition to Europe, we have a good market in the region, Iran has one percent of the world 's total population, and we 're in the region with 400 million people and there is a good position for producers in this area. The executive director of this orthopedic company, stresses the government's support of exporting Iranian products to various countries in the world, saying that the government should help producers meet the costs of exports to producers, hence they can sell their products in in all kinds of international exhibitions.

Regarding Iran's ranking in orthopedic implants, it has been proved that Iran has gained the first position in the middle east as well as a high position in the world.