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Protect Yourself By Knowing These Tips About Disinfectants effective against Coronavirus

Protect Yourself By Knowing These Tips About Disinfectants effective against Coronavirus

This article will bring to your attention the disinfectants effective against Coronavirus, the difference between different kinds of it, and the best disinfectant that you can use against Coronavirus.

Many people worldwide suffered from the coronavirus outbreak; many sectors faced losses, and a lot more shut down. The virus sees no age and no gender and affects everyone, and some cases lead to death, and in some cases, hospitalization helps save lives. Still, before getting through the hospitalization stage, we can eliminate the Coronavirus to a certain point with the disinfectants' help.

This article will bring to your attention the disinfectants effective against Coronavirus, the difference between different kinds of it, and the best disinfectant that you can use to kill Coronavirus. So, follow us to the end of the article.

The Importance of Disinfectants to Kill the Coronavirus

Disinfecting the areas, benches, tables, and stairs are as essential as disinfecting and sanitizing the hands during the hard of the dangerous coronavirus days. The virus is dangerous, and it gets carried away even under the shoes.

Before you unpack your shopping bags after coming from shopping, make sure you disinfect the packets and wash and sanitize your hands. This is a simple way to avoid getting affected by the virus, apart from keeping the social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing hands.

What Are the Most Effective Disinfectants for Covid-19?

Disinfectants are usually chemical substances that are either good or bad for people and the environment. These disinfectants are capable of disinfecting the microorganisms suspended in the air.

Some effective disinfectants against Coronavirus are assumed to be limited to use on the surface of the tools. The essential characteristic of a good disinfectant is that it should kill even the airborne microorganisms. It should have the power of being dispersed either as an aerosol or vapor.

Glycols are effective disinfectants, but they are suitable to be controlled in the laboratories and not in the real world as it is difficult. The reason is that the Glycols are sensitive to the continuous action of air.

Alcohols are most effective when combined with the purified water to facilitate the diffusion through the membranes. The efficiency of alcohol can only be enhanced with wetting dodecanoic acid.

Oxidizing agents oxidize the microorganism's cell membrane, resulting in the structure's loss and later leads to cells' death. Chlorine and oxygen, which are strong oxidizers, figure heavily here.

Phenolic is a very active ingredient in household disinfectants and is found in certain mouthwashes and hand washes and acts as a disinfectant.

Silver nanoparticles have antimicrobial actions due to the physiochemical nature, and have applications in the environment, industries, and biomedical sectors.

disinfectant against coronavirus

What Are the Different Types of Disinfectants? 

The chemical disinfectants can be defined by their actions and split into two major groups: oxidizing and non-oxidizing disinfectants.

Oxidizing Disinfectants are Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Peracetic Acid. They attack the cellular materials ad stop function of the microorganism. Unfortunately, they attack and get consumed by the soiling residues of food and reduce the disinfectant efficiency.

Sodium hypochlorite is effective against the different types of microorganisms. It is not expensive compared to the other disinfectants, and it is unaffected by water. The efficiency of the sodium hypochlorite is dependent highly on its pH. This product should be taken care of with the storage, and it should be used within three months of the manufacture as sodium hypochlorite loses the available chlorine naturally. Different types of oxidizing disinfectants are as followed:

Chlorine Dioxide is a disinfectant that is used for the disinfection of the water system but can be utilized for disinfection of the surface in CIP.

Hydrogen peroxide works in the same manner as sodium hypochlorite, but hydrogen peroxide is not as broad-spectrum as sodium hypochlorite. This specific type of disinfectant is used in the beverage sector to disinfect the product packs before filling. Hydrogen peroxide is not advised to be used on aluminum, tin, zinc, and other alloys as it is not safe.

Peracetic Acid disinfectants are used in the dairy, beverages, and brewing sectors against all types of bacteria. Commercially two concentrations are available, activities of 5% and 15% peracetic acids. This disinfectant should not be used on soft metals.


Non-oxidizing Disinfectants include the Quaternary Ammonium Compounds, Triamines, and Biguanides.

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds disinfectants are low in toxicity and taint. This particular disinfectant has been used in the food processing industry for almost 20 years, and it is stable and taint free. To improve the Quaternary Ammonium Compound formulation effectiveness often sequestrates and non-ionic detergent are included.

Triamines are expensive disinfectants but they are very effective and excellent. Triamines are tasteless, odorless, have low toxicity, and are non-corrosive.

Biguanides are cationic bactericides are not supplied much because of the Health Hazard classifications of this disinfectant biguanides as a raw material.

Alcohols are used when there is a need for light cleaning and disinfecting dry areas such as bakeries or discreet packaging and electronic equipment. Then the use of alcohol wipes and sprays becomes very useful.

The products above are a blend of alcohol, but they contain water as well. Hence care must be taken when it comes to electrical items.

You can use alcohol 70% to disinfect your hands after washing them. In alcohols such as ethanol and isopropanol, be more careful as they are flammable.

Other than these two types of disinfectants, new nanotechnology has come to helps disinfect viruses more effectively and more quickly.this new technology is Nanosilver.


Nano Disinfectant and its Uses in the Fight against Coronavirus

As a game-changing technology, Nanosilver disinfectant has arrived to change and save lives and kill the virus of Covid-19 effectively. Nano disinfectant enhances the protection, and the silver Nanoparticles mimic nature and act as a shield against the bacteria and the pathogens during the pandemic.

This disinfectant preserves the normal microbial flora in a clean and hygiene area and environment. Nano disinfectant is very long-lasting, and the particles are not volatile and adhere to the surfaces.

Many companies worldwide are already using Nano-enhanced technology and cleaning products, whereas only a few years ago. Nano disinfectants and Nano-based products are on the rise, and customers are willing to purchase and spend money on Nano disinfectants.

Nanosilver has silver particles in the Nano dimensions that have broad applications due to their antibacterial properties and characteristics. When in contact with the fungus and the bacteria, Nanosilver affects cellular metabolism, thus inhibiting its growth. It suppresses the respiration, transport of substrate and inhibits the multiplication and the development of the bacteria and fungus that cause infection, sore and itching.

Nanosilver has many uses, and many products have been produced with the help of this alcohol-free disinfectant. Products such as surface disinfectants, hand disinfectants, medical disinfectants are all Nanosilver based products, and the medical disinfectants are widely used in intensive care units, medical and dental clinics, surgery rooms, and public places and spaces.

Many disinfectants are used for individual and separate purposes. Each disinfectant is responsible for disinfecting a particular area or an object.

nanosilver disinfectant

How to Use Different Types of Disinfectants?

Using the Disinfectant is easy, but not all disinfectants are environment friendly and safe for humans.

Pay attention to the following points to know how to use disinfectant liquid and be safe.

  • Read the labels on the disinfectants. As there are many disinfectants for different purposes, using steps and ways of using them is different. Know your product and the way it is used before starting the disinfecting.
  • Liquid disinfectants are suitable to be sprayed. So spray the disinfectant everywhere that you want to disinfect. Make sure your disinfectant is alcohol-free before spreading it on the tables and chair cover as some surfaces tend to get spoiled because of alcohol.
  • Follow the disinfectant's precautionary statements and be aware of the hazards and prevent these hazards from occurring.

Hand gels are the easiest to use as all we need to do it apply it in our hands and then rub the hands together nicely and cover all the areas like the fingers, between the fingers, palm, and the surface.

Don't wipe your hands with wipes or napkins. The hand gel dries on its own.

The use of spray disinfectants that are alcohol-based or alcohol-free is straightforward. Spray the disinfectants on the surfaces that you want to disinfect. Here one thing to be remembered is that some spray disinfectants need wiping post the application, whereas the others need no wiping, and they dry quickly.

Make sure to read the labels before using the disinfectants.

Nanosilver disinfectant can be sprayed on the surfaces to disinfect. The rule of Dip and wipe or soak and wipe is not always the case with all the disinfectants.

You can directly use the Nanosilver disinfectant solution and disinfect even the hard solutions by spraying the disinfectant on it.


In these challenging times of Coronavirus, all we are asked to do is stay safe, sanitize our hands, and disinfect the surroundings to be safe, and then we will make a clean and secure area for others.

We need to remember to use the disinfectants wisely by knowing the purpose of the particular disinfectant and where it should be sprayed and used.

Health is wealth, and Monib Health has excellent disinfectants that are safe to be used. Just order the disinfectant from the official website of Monib Health and disinfect everything more effectively.

We are in this pandemic and hard times together, and we will get out of it together with the help of each other.

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