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Is it allowed to use disinfectant spray in flight?

Is it allowed to use disinfectant spray in flight?


Airplanes are one of the public places for the spread of various infectious diseases. Many cases of viruses and bacteria have been reported among airline passengers. Types of flu, colds and most recently coronary heart disease.

The main problem is the transmission of pollution from surfaces that passengers come in contact with, both on airplanes and at airports. Passengers touch infected surfaces with bacteria, germs and viruses and then put their hands in their eyes, ears or mouth, spreading the disease.

Travelers who pay special attention to health issues used to take health measures to prevent getting sick during air travel, but today, when we all face the possibility of coronary heart disease, it is necessary to follow these health principles. Masking is necessary but necessary Disinfect seat handles, aircraft curtains and anything your hands will come in contact with.

But how can surfaces and hands be disinfected during air travel? Is it possible to take disinfectant sprays on flights? You will find the answers to these questions in this article.

How to avoid Corona on the plane?

The use of masks is a priority. All passengers must wear a mask during air travel. Then there is the issue of disinfecting surfaces.

Disinfectants come in many forms. From disinfectant wipes and gels to sprays.

There are no restrictions on carrying disinfectant wipes and you can easily carry them in your bag and in proper packaging and take them on the plane. You can even have more of these napkins in your suitcase. 

 However, the use of disinfectant gels and sprays is more common today, and there are certain rules and restrictions for transporting these materials into aircraft.

TSA Disinfection Spray Laws

  • The only compressed spray ( aerosol) that you can carry in your hand luggage is a medicine like breathing sprays, and you are not allowed to carry sprays on your body in your handbag.
  • Bottles with pump spray are not aerosols. You can take them inside the cabin with special conditions.
  • If there is liquid in your handbag, it should be in a small 100 ml bottle. Which must also be placed in special liquid bags.
  • Flammable liquids cannot enter the aircraft in any shape or condition.
  • These rules also apply to disinfectant sprays, and if these conditions are met, it is possible to take these sprays to the aircraft. However, after the outbreak of Corona, TSA has made it possible for passengers to carry disinfectants up to 350 ml until further notice. (2) However, this law may not be approved by all airlines and countries.

What are the rules for getting pump disinfectant spray into the cockpit?

  1. The disinfectant you use should not be flammable.
  2. This disinfectant does not damage the fabric of the chairs. For example, it is not a type of bleach.

But what disinfectant can have these properties?

Nanosilver disinfectants are the best choice. These disinfectants are a new class of non-alcoholic disinfectants that are expanding rapidly. They remove all kinds of germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi from surfaces and hands without the need for washing and do not have the negative effects of alcohol use. These disinfectants kill about 99% of germs, bacteria and many viruses.

Read more about silver nanoparticles, small particles with high efficiency .

Nanosilver disinfectants are non-irritating to the skin and eyes and are environmentally friendly. Because it does not contain concentrated chemicals, nitrates, enzymes, phosphates, fatty acids, toxic hydrocarbon solvents, biodegradable surfactants and ozone-depleting substances. They can be used on hands and body, furniture, clothing, fabrics, carpets, air filters, walls and floors.

Where can I get nano silver spray?

You can get nano silver spray from Manib company. The company offers different types of nanosilver disinfectants in different volumes and functions.

120 ml hand sanitizer spray is one of these materials that does not contain alcohol, quaternary ammonium compounds and chlorhexidine and in addition to disinfection, it is also used to moisturize the skin of the hand and is compatible with all skin types.

There are also four-liter nano - silver hand sanitizers that you can make and put in small bottles for transport and use.

You can also get different types of nanosilver surface disinfectants from Manib Company. Just visit Manib website to find out their details.

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