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10 ways to stay healthy in old age

10 ways to stay healthy in old age

No matter what age you are, care and prevention is the best way to stay healthy, especially in old age. Do not miss this article to stay safe from aging problems and stay healthy.

To enjoy the benefits of health at any age, you need to take care of every part of your body and have a regular plan to prevent disease. No matter what age you are, care and prevention are the best ways to stay healthy. By the age of 50, the risk of osteoporosis, especially in women, is the biggest challenge of aging. Join us to learn about the importance of calcium, protein and vitamin D and how to get and deliver them to your bones. 

Dangers that threaten the health of the elderly

If you are 65 or older, something like the flu or a common cold can progress quickly in the body and lead to a variety of complications. Pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infection, or sinus infection are usually secondary infections that can occur in the elderly as a result of a simple complication. Elderly loved ones with asthma or diabetes A cold winter breeze can make them worse. 

For these reasons, choosing the right and regular way to strengthen the immune system and reduce the incidence of disease is the most important program for all human beings to experience a long life with true vitality. By studying and categorizing the best health tips, we tried to provide tips for having a healthier aging period that can be useful and vital for ourselves and our loved ones.


1- Escape from diseases such as osteoporosis with a healthy diet

The importance of a balanced diet seems to be clear to most people, but they often do not pay enough attention to what they eat and write. Almost all human beings of our time use the mass-produced products of others. It is no longer possible to grow all the food needs and expectations in the home garden. Modern nutrition is so intertwined with chemistry and industry that it eliminates the possibility of individual competition with a diverse food market. In this situation, the information on food labels has become everything in the world of nutrition.

Osteoporosis is common among the elderly and even middle-aged malnourished. The first serious recommendation of all nutritionists is to avoid saturated fats and the second diet includes consuming large amounts of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, fish, lean meats and eating moderately low-fat dairy. 

After the success of the food balance, it is the turn of the drinks. Chronic dehydration is a serious threat to all parts of the body, especially the skin. Dehydration, in addition to adverse effects on appearance, causes fatigue and confusion. Coffee, tea and fruit juices along with water can help keep your body hydrated, but please forget about sugary fizzy drinks.

2- Dental care is extremely important.

Brushing and flossing twice a day is essential for non-smokers. Proper flossing helps remove large pieces of food and remove plaque and prevents gum disease. Flossing is especially important for loved ones who have beautiful, cohesive teeth. Gum disease is very mysterious and is associated with diabetes, stroke and other heart diseases and rheumatoid arthritis. You can do everything you can to maintain complete and natural teeth and repair any teeth quickly if they are damaged. The health and beauty of permanent teeth is the first and most important thing you should strive for. No matter how little we say about the impact of complete teeth on the quality of life of youth and old age, and perhaps for this reason, dental health is still expensive.

3- Stay active in any way.

Staying active is a different plan for every human being, but rest assured you can find it. Remember that inactivity is the cause of obesity, stroke, diabetes, cancer as well as the enemy of fitness. If these reasons are not enough to be active, you should know that activity increases self-esteem, improves sleep quality and more energy. Today's societies run happy-go-lucky programs for the elderly, focusing on 150 minutes of activity and mobility. They also keep them active at least twice a week with specialized exercises. In this regard, we recommend that those who suffer from osteoporosis and other common diseases in old age, read the article about exercise to avoid osteoporosis.

4- Schedule monthly, seasonal, and annual physical health tests

It is best to schedule some tests before you get sick on a monthly, seasonal, or annual schedule. Conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes due to carelessness can undetected and insidiously damage your health. Early detection is the best guarantee of good health in old age. Visual and auditory impairment in old age can be a problem for the elderly. The best way to maintain the quality of your hearing, sight and other senses is regular vision and hearing tests. Vision and hearing changes before age 70 can be corrected and improved.

Seasonal monitoring of blood pressure and cholesterol levels can reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease and warn of problems before they become dangerous. Why not ask about other seasonal illnesses and aging when your doctor visits you? Timely physical health check-ups can save any human life. Checkups are more than any doctor and life-saving surgery حتی Even when you do not have the patience and time to try to get a health test so you never hear bad news. This will lead you to a more balanced diet instead of illness and medication. Get a check-up gift for your dear parents and each member of the family.

5- Take supplements and vitamins.

It is good to know that most people suffer from vitamin D deficiency but do not know why. In fact, it is estimated that half of the adult population is affected by vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is a good example because it causes cognitive impairment in adolescence. Vitamin D deficiency also puts middle-aged people at risk for bone problems and cardiovascular disease. This example illustrates well the importance of timely delivery of vitamins to the body. To get this vitamin, sunbathe for 15-20 minutes a day. Also eat eggs and fish oil to provide the body with vitamin D. 

Talk to your doctor about vitamin supplements at an older age. However, most people need to see a doctor and take dietary supplements and vitamins because they do not follow these tips at a younger age. Osteoporosis of the lumbar vertebrae is a common disease that requires such treatment. To learn more about this topic, read the article on different types of osteoporosis , where we have written a detailed explanation about this disease, its causes and methods of prevention and treatment. 

6- Fighting osteoporosis 

Osteoporosis and the risk of irreversible fractures come to humans in the decades after the age of 50. The risk of osteoporosis affects 50% of women and 20% of men. So women should work harder in this regard. The most important warning signs of osteoporosis include rapid fractures, sudden back pain, sudden decrease in height or height. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take at home and with the help of your doctor to protect against the threat of osteoporosis. Special cells in our body are constantly updating the microscopic framework of collagen and calcium (which keep bones strong); But after the age of 50, bone resorption surpasses bone formation, and bone loss often accelerates.

 The most important medical conditions that affect osteoporosis include an overactive thyroid or parathyroid, chronic lung disease, cancer, endometriosis, vitamin D deficiency, and medications such as prednisone. Low calcium, vitamin D, potassium and protein intake are the biggest causes of the onset and progression of osteoporosis in old age. 

There is no doubt that getting enough calcium reduces the risk of bone fractures and tooth decay. You can fight this disease in old age by receiving nutritious foods and alternative supplements. Eat calcium-rich foods such as milk, low-fat and fat-free yogurt, kale, tofu, beans, breakfast cereals and orange juice. Vitamin D helps to fully absorb calcium; So do not neglect sunlight and take supplements containing vitamin D. Potassium and protein also improve calcium metabolism. You can find this mineral in fruits and vegetables, especially bananas.

7- Get regular and adequate sleep.

Proper sleeping space is very important for the elderly. Frequent waking up at night is common among the elderly. Install adequate night lighting in the nursing home and make sure the bedroom is comfortable, cool and quiet. Avoid insomnia and nocturnal sleep deprivation. Have a regular night's sleep. Try a hot drink like chamomile or hot milk before going to bed.

8- Be in contact

The importance of social communication becomes more apparent in old age. Spending time with friends, neighbors and even subway passengers can prevent the elderly from feeling lonely or anxious. If you find that you or one of your loved ones is no longer able to do what they used to do, try creating new hobbies and interests. Emerging technologies may have many disadvantages, but try to use them to make your life easier and better. Video chat can be promising for some seniors. 

Seeing grandchildren and children can make elderly loved ones extremely happy. Dating websites are used for these moments. Familiarize seniors with dating sites and encourage them to learn a foreign language and talk to people around the world. These things can only be done in this age, and there is a great opportunity provided by virtual media that we could not have imagined until a few years ago. So be the people of this age.

9- Reduce smoking

Smoking is a very old human habit, but today the problem is more due to the poor quality of existing tobacco. Excessive tobacco use can be harmful to the body, brain, especially teeth and skin. The only thing that can keep your skin and teeth beautiful all the time is to reduce smoking. Explain the benefits of smoking cessation and quality non-smoking quality to those who can not give up the pleasure of smoking.

10- Learn to manage stress

Chronic stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol, which means constant stress. Too much cortisol can disrupt various functions of the body, including the immune system. There are two ways to reduce cortisol production; 

  • Pharmaceutical method
  • Stress management methods

For most people who do not have access to specialized drugs, there is a second way and that is to use the inner and God-given power. Stress management can help people more than any wealth. You can also teach your children how to deal with problems properly if you have taught yourself stress management. Stress management can save you from the myriad dangers that lie in wait.

Anger is an effective weapon that exists in the human body for many reasons. Suppressing anger can cause stress, so you should avoid starting the anger-stress chain. To reduce stress, of course, physical activity, plenty of sleep, discovering innate forces and abilities can be helpful and helpful, but the most important factor in stress management is cognition and perceptual maturity. Learning to manage your stress and anger will make you the person you need to be. Keep your anger for the moments you really need and teach your loved ones stress management from childhood to have better moments at different times in life.

 at the end

In general, it can be said that the elderly need the help of family and government facilities to survive the scourge of old age, but a few good habits can fill the gaps. In trying to stay healthy in old age, we have found some very useful habits. You too, share your experiences with us and other readers in the comments. 

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