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Peek Optima Material.

Safe And Fast Implantation.

Easy Use With The Anatomical Structure.

Angle Measurment Option.


P.2010.08 10 mm/20 mm/8 mm
P.2210.08 10 mm/22 mm/8 mm
P.2410.08 10 mm/24 mm/8 mm
P.2810.08 10 mm/28 mm/8 mm
P.3010.08 10 mm/30 mm/8 mm
P.2010.09 10 mm/20 mm/9 mm
P.2210.09 10 mm/22 mm/9 mm
P.2410.09 10 mm/24 mm/9 mm
P.2810.09 10 mm/28 mm/9 mm
P.3010.09 10 mm/30 mm/9 mm
P.2010.10 10 mm/20 mm/10 mm
P.2210.10 10 mm/22 mm/10 mm
P.2410.10 10 mm/24 mm/10 mm
P.28010.10 10 mm/28 mm/10 mm
P.3010.10 10 mm/30 mm/10 mm
P.2010.11 10 mm/20 mm/11 mm
P.2210.11 10 mm/22 mm/11 mm
P.2410.11 10 mm/24 mm/11 mm
P.2810.11 10 mm/28 mm/11 mm
P.3010.11 10 mm/30 mm/11 mm
P.2010.12 10 mm/20 mm/12 mm
P.2210.12 10 mm/22 mm/12 mm
P.2410.12 10 mm/24 mm/12 mm
P.2810.12 10 mm/28 mm/12 mm
P.3010.12 10 mm/30 mm/12 mm
P.2010.13 10 mm/20 mm/13 mm
P.2210.13 10 mm/22 mm/13 mm
P.2410.13 10 mm/24 mm/13 mm
P.2810.13 10 mm/28 mm/13 mm
P.3010.13 10 mm/30 mm/13 mm
P.2010.14 10 mm/20 mm/14 mm
P.2210.14 10 mm/22 mm/14 mm
P.2410.14 10 mm/24 mm/14 mm
P.2810.14 10 mm/28 mm/14 mm
P.3010.14 10 mm/30 mm/14 mm
Ref. No Width/Length/Height
P.2010.06 10 mm/20 m/6 mm
P.2210.06 10 mm/22 mm/6 mm
P.2410.06 10 mm/24 mm/6 mm
P.2810.06 10 mm/28 mm/6 mm
P3010.06 10 mm/30 mm/6 mm
P.2010.07 10 mm/20 mm/7 mm
P.2210.07 10 mm/22 mm/7 mm
P.2410.07 10 mm/24 mm/7 mm
P.2810.07 10 mm/28 mm/7 mm
P.3010.07 10 mm/30 mm/7 mm
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