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If you are looking to use high quality artificial bone grafts without harmful substances for the body, you can trust Monib products. Monib offers high quality and the best synthetic, porous, osteoconductive, and bioactive bone substitute for filling and/or reconstructing bone defects. Monib bone grafts promote osteoblastic cell attachment and growth, as well as microsphere surface colonization. Laboratory studies show positive results in terms of safety, performance, and efficiency of Monib bone grafts. As a result, patients can use these products with peace of mind, knowing that they will not experience any side effects. Our company's bone grafts were examined from various aspects, and the research lab results indicate:

  • No cytotoxic potential: Evaluation of the response of living cells to bone grafts in the cell culture experiment showed that Monib bone substitutes are not considered to have a cytotoxic potential. In other words, the materials used in these grafts are entirely safe and can be used without concern.
  • No sensitization potential: Some patients are allergic to certain synthetic materials, and their bodies may have an allergic reaction. Monib bone grafts have no sensitization potential, according to the findings of the experiments, because erythema and edema were not seen in the test samples during the sensitivity test.
  • No clinical signs of the inflammatory response: Sometimes, some artificial substances in bone grafts stimulate inflammatory diseases in the patient. However, Monib bone substitution would not have this side effect because no clinical signs of disease were observed in rabbits, neither erythema nor necrosis at the inoculation site.
  • No DNA damage: One of the main side effects of bone grafts is genotoxicity that damages DNA. But relax in this case, too, because evaluating the damage to the DNA of osteoblastic and fibroblastic cells growing in contact with Monib bone grafts did not detect DNA damage.
  • No systemic toxicity: Systemic toxicity causes a type of inflammatory disease that is dangerous for patients. Evaluation of localized nonspecific inflammatory response to single and repeated application of the material revealed that Monib bone grafts did not cause any systemic toxicity.
  • Non- Pyrogenicity: Significant testing has been done on this side effect, and the results determined that Monibs' products are not pyrogenic. As a result, you can safely use these products.

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