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Bone Graft

If one of the bones in your body is damaged, after a while, the bone cells begin the self-healing process, but with the help of doctors and medical procedures. But sometimes you may not be so lucky! Sometimes the severity of a bone injury or defect is so severe that doctors have no choice but to perform a bone graft.  In bone graft surgery, the surgeon implants grafts into specific areas to repair the damaged bone and joint. Grafts can be taken from a person's own bones (pelvis, legs, or ribs) or a donor, or they can be completely artificial. In the meantime, patients' main concern is synthetic bone grafts, which they may be hesitant to use because they are unaware of the effects on their bodies. In addition to patients, doctors are always looking for a high-quality artificial bone substitute to ensure the health of their patients. Monib offers the highest quality bone graft that has passed all health tests and has been successful in various bone graft surgeries. Bone grafts are offered in different types: powder, granule, block, stick, cylinder, and wedge.