Medical robotics and how is it going to help in future surgeries

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Medical robotics and how is it going to help in future surgeries is a recent and a hot topic

Being the key player and the leading role owner, Medtronic is the important surgery space for almost the last decades. It has had a great stride in the era of robotic surgery and the recent acquisition of Digital Surgery in the last year.

To be added quickly, around the world, only 3% of the surgeries are with robots' assistance. Medtronic is trying to shatter the barriers currently thwarting the adaptation of this technology that became so important. 

The Medtronic Surgery Team

The Medtronic surgery team is trying hard and focuses on the critical impact that can digitalize the surgery and create on the healthcare ecosystem for the patients and the clinicians at the same time.

In this regard, the Vice President of the R&D, Tracy Accardi, has been interviewed at Medtronic. Keep reading the words as well.

She added, "I have been leading the R&D group in the team of the robotics at Medtronic. She started building robots with the dad while she was only eight years old. She describes the days to be so fascinating and very interesting.

She was a very influential advisor in college as well, and she went on to establish the programs of robotics at Carnegie Mellon.

Early Days of the Career

During the early days, she was a part of the medical device space and GE Healthcare initially, and then Philips, followed by Johnson & Johnson, and finally the Covidien.

Among all these, she highlighted healthcare and said that it was her particular spot and where she loved it. She is in charge of the leading team of very talented scientists as well as engineers that are working on the introduction of the surgery system of the Hugo robotic-assisted surgery.


What Drew Her to This Work and Why Is She Working On the Soft Tissue Robotics?

In reply to these questions, she said that she was very driven by the process of doing certain things that some people thought it was impossible. She is eager to look for challenges and opportunities because after fulfilling them, she feels satisfied and happy when the challenge is fulfilled.

The satisfaction she got from the combination of the knowledge and the customer relationship in the soft tissue robot is considered to meet the requirements that were not being met by the other robots in the space.

She said that it was the opportunity for her with something new that she knew would be very hard to accomplish and take work, but it will have a considerable impact.

Digital Surgery

Digital Surgery is considered to be a company that has been acquired about a year ago. Along with sharing all the information that the surgeons are gathering in their respective surgeries, they compare the notes with each other and try to drive the exciting conversation about the gathered notes.

Digital surgery can transform the standard of care by delivering much better outcomes and reducing invasiveness. It results in a better and faster recovery time and a total cost of care which will be lower.

The hospitals and the surgeons are practicing robotic surgery, which has been increased since January 2012. 8.7% of the surgeons are capable of performing robotic surgery, which is general in the year 2012 as compared to the 35.1% in the year 2018.

Is Robotic Surgery Safe?

Robotic surgeries are considered to be safe and effective. The use of the minimally invasive approach can utilize small surgical incisions instead of long open deep incisions. The surgeries are performed with the use of the real-time images that are from the surgical sites being produced by cameras having high resolution and top grades.