Arab Health is a popular annual Middle East health conference and trade show. Monib is also one of the participants in this event to meet new partners to sell their products.

If you work in the medical profession, you've certainly come across the name Arab Health. But many of you may be curious to know more about it. Arab Health is an international health conference and trade show in the Middle East. This great event was first organized in Dubai in 1979. Hundreds of doctors, businessmen, and medical product manufacturers from all over the world attended. The conference is held annually, and participants attend from the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Unfortunately, due to the limits imposed by Covid-19, Arab Health 2021, is being held online. Sales representatives for surgical instruments such as orthopedic implants from Germany, the United Kingdom, and France attended the conference.

A Brief Introduction to Monib Company

As you know, Monib Company is one of the prestigious distributors of orthopedic instruments in our country. In this company, we cooperate with the world's top manufacturers of orthopedic implants and medical equipment so that we can offer you the best and highest quality products. We purchased the best and highest quality orthopedic equipment from foreign manufacturers and sold it to dealers and our target customers. Surgeons have been satisfied with all of Monib distribution Company's products, and they have praised us for providing up-to-date and high-quality supplies.

Monib Co. In Arab Health 2021

Arab Health conference is an excellent opportunity for distributor companies to find a new partnership. At this event, they can meet surgical instrument sales representatives from all over the world and sign cooperation agreements. They can also participate as representatives of their own businesses. Monib Company is also one of the Arab Health 2021 participants. Our representatives are attending this conference to meet and collaborate with foreign companies to sell their products. The company now has contracts to complete orthopedic implant products and surgical equipment with various German, French, Korean, and Brazilian enterprises. And this collaboration will continue to grow in the coming days. Monib items will soon be complemented by a basket of products from the world's leading manufacturers.

Monib Products

Monib company's goal is to delight you by providing high-quality products compatible with the most cutting-edge methods available. The variety of Monib products is so great that you can ask us for the best and most cost-effective products. The most outstanding and most advanced products are purchased from reputable producers worldwide and are made available to you. Our products are divided into different categories, which you may learn more about by visiting our products page. The products are not limited to these, and Monib is increasing the variety of its products day by day. Of course, the process of adding a product is a bit time-consuming, but Monib always contacts the manufacturing companies to offer the best products to its customers. If you would like to hear about the latest Monib news regarding the addition of new products or other special events, follow our newsletter as well.